by David NOVEMBER 16, 2015
Hi. I'm David, I created this app to introduce new and cool products in a fun way. It's called Finagle. And its purpose is to simply give stuff away.

I guess you could call it a "giveaways app" or something like that, but that would be boring. Right now, since it's just me doing this (and my wife thinks I've spent enough of our savings already), the giveaways may seem kind of lame. Okay, they are. But the more people that join Finagle, the better the giveaways will become. I'm working really hard to make sure that happens. The bottom line is this: I'm trying to create an app that makes people happy through random-drawing giveaways.

So, how does Finagle work?
1) Install the app.
2) Every once in awhile, you'll receive a new giveaway notification. Open it.
3) After seeing the giveaway, you'll be automatically entered into a random drawing.

That's it.

Remember, the more people the better the giveaways. Share this with friends and let's spread some good(s)!

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