Finagle launches “Skip Black Friday” giveaway to spread some good(s)

by David NOVEMBER 18, 2015

Quirky mobile app spreads smiles, promotes product discovery.

One man on a mission. Nashville entrepreneur David Repas launches giveaway app to introduce cool products in a fun way. It’s called Finagle. And its purpose is to simply give stuff away.

The Finagle app, available in the App Store and Google Play, launched earlier this year with a steady assortment of unique giveaways designed to make winners smile. The “Skip Black Friday” giveaway (ending 11/24/15 at 2:00 PM ET) continues the playful spirit of discovering new products in a quick, light-hearted way. “I thought it would be a great antidote to the madness of Black Friday,” says David Repas, founder of Finagle, “and a reminder that the season shouldn’t be stressful.”

Winners receive a ZAQ Dew essential oils diffuser, KIS Oils top six gift box, Tea Forte Lotus tin sampler and Blue Star Coloring’s adult coloring book of stress relieving animal designs.

“I guess you could call it a giveaways app or something like that, but that would be boring,” Repas added. “Right now, since it’s just me doing this (and my wife thinks I’ve spent enough of our savings already), the giveaways may seem kind of lame. But the bottom line is I’m trying to create an app that makes people happy through random-drawing giveaways of products they may not have already discovered.”

About Finagle, Inc.

Finagle, Inc. is a Nashville-based startup that has created a mobile app to introduce new and cool products in a fun way. It’s called Finagle. And its purpose is to simply give stuff away.

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