Location Intelligence

“We're creating a platform that offers both deep and wide knowledge for any place on earth.

We love complex challenges and using technology in creative and clever ways to solve them. Because of that, we've been building a platform that automates real estate and land analysis at scale. Instead of relying on the one-off analysis of a specific parcel of land, the goal here is to pre-process and automate analysis for every place on earth.

In other words, imagine having an incredibly detailed and deep profile for any point on earth. A profile that includes diverse information, things like the distance to the nearest interstate on-ramp, historical weather, soil type compositions, native plants & wildlife, population density, nearby new constructions, closest competitors, etc.

Then imagine all of this was at your fingertips in an instant, searchable way. That's what we're working on.


“We help organizations design and develop solutions to complex and challenging problems by leveraging technology.”

From concept to development to launch, we love projects that have unique, diverse and complex requirements.

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Leveraging technology to push the limits of what's possible.


Since our founding in 2006, we've been helping organizations create solutions to complex and challenging problems by leveraging technology.

We've worked on everything from innovative “back of a napkin” brainstorms to projects for some of the largest entertainment, music and media companies in the world. With extensive experience in all things web and mobile, we can build pretty much anything.