Best Home Buying Websites: No-Nonsense List
Looking for the top home buying websites without all the fluff? Look no further than this no-nonsense list!
- May 29, 2023 -




Zillow offers a variety of services to help people find the perfect home, be it to buy, rent, or sell. On the website, users can easily search through a variety of cities and states for the right home and even get to view pictures of them. There are tools available on the website to calculate an individual's affordability when it comes to purchasing or renting a house. Zillow also has resources to aid those looking to sell their homes. All of these features make the website straightforward and extremely helpful to those on the hunt for their dream home. provides people with a wide array of resources for finding and dealing with real estate. Whether looking to buy, rent, or sell, this website can provide essential information about available properties, as well as provide helpful tips and advice. Furthermore, it can provide guidance in regards to mortgages, and even assist in connecting you with a real estate agent in your area. Not only that, but it also has a selection of news and analysis about the current housing market and its future trends. In short, is an invaluable source for anyone interested in the world of real estate.



Redfin is an excellent website to check out if you're on the hunt for a place to rent or buy. Whether it's searching for a property by city or state, the site is loaded with options. For an extra bit of convenience, you can also download their mobile app to get notifications for new postings. They also provide a Redfin Premier service for luxury properties that offers advice from experienced agents to assist you in the sale of your current residence or the purchase of your next one. All in all, Redfin is a superb platform for anyone looking for a new home or to put theirs on the market.



Trulia is a user-friendly website dedicated to helping individuals find the perfect house to buy or rent. It contains an abundance of information about numerous neighborhoods and homes, accompanied by filter and search bar features. The website provides information about mortgages and pre-qualification processes, while displaying pictures and reviews from existing inhabitants, giving an insight into the atmosphere of each location. Trulia is available in a vast selection of cities and states in the United States, making it an ideal resource for anybody seeking a new residence.

Looking to buy or rent a home? Look no further than With listings in countless cities and states across the US, they are the premier platform for making sure you get the best experience. Not only do they link you with the most knowledgeable real estate agent in the area, but also provide invaluable resources like blogs and how-to guides to help you find the perfect home. Powered by Ten-X, a company with a real estate license in all 50 states and D.C., is the ultimate resource for your house hunting needs. stands out among real estate websites, particularly for locating properties not found on the MLS. Despite having fewer listings than sites such as, this resource might uncover homes unavailable on other sites, giving you the opportunity to beat out other buyers in your area. is an invaluable website for those searching for a home below its market value. Typically, the properties for sale on this platform are owned by those who were unable to keep up with their mortgage payments. Individuals are able to quickly search by their region, county, or city for applicable properties. Each listing offers the price, location, beds/baths, property type, photographs, tax information, and district/school specifics. With details obtained directly from numerous sellers and government bodies, the database is updated twice daily. For those wanting to stay informed of fresh listings, an email notification system is available. In conclusion, is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to find a bargain property in their area.

Movoto Real Estate is a comprehensive resource for those who are interested in buying, selling, and owning homes. Homebuyers benefit from tools, guidance, and resources to help them find the right local real estate agent, while sellers can leverage transparent data and tailored support to secure a perfect match. Movoto additionally provides mortgage services, including mortgage loans, buying power, and rates. Plus, users can search for homes for sale or rent by state, city, or popular cities, and contact an agent with just a few clicks, by filling out a form with their name, email, phone number, ZIP code, and comments or questions.

As the nation's premier online platform devoted solely to selling bank-owned and foreclosure homes, goes beyond the traditional bidding system. Buyers can make use of their state-of-the-art technology platform for both online and in-person transactions. Furthermore, they are able to select from an impressive range of over 30,000 properties, plus have access to supportive services designed to ensure buyers have the best chance of success.



LandWatch is the premier and largest online marketplace for real estate; it enables users to discover and purchase land for sale, as well as hunting properties, agricultural ranches, and rustic log cabins.